It is always an interesting moment when you walk into a property for the first time. Especially one which hasn’t been updated for decades. You truly never know what you are going to find.  It’s like going on an urban safari! As you pick your way through the cobwebs, breathing in the aroma of stale cigarettes and damp, you may well stumble across a retro kitchen or bathroom somewhere in the gloom.

These blasts from the past could either inspire you or fill you with horror. To some, retro furnishings are pure interior nirvana, to others the mere idea of retro is a serious turn off. Is a 50’s kitchen retro cool or retro crass?

Twentieth Century Classics

Most twentieth century trends in interior décor enjoy their heyday only to later leave most people wondering what the hell they were thinking of. Then, mysteriously and as the years pass, many of us start feeling the love once more.


You know how it is. You invest in the latest in thing and when a new trend appears you stare at your dated pieces in horror and rush them to the charity shop in shame. Then, years later you find yourself at the auction house looking for exactly the same chairs that you offloaded on the British Heart Foundation all those years ago.

Twentieth Century Horrors

Some aspects of twentieth century décor, however, may never be treasured again. Here I am thinking principally of the worst excesses of the 1980’s. The decade that spawned exciting new music, extravagant fashions and yuppies also gave us avocado bathroom suites and matching tiles. Even the most dedicated enthusiast of retro style may never come around to appreciating the nuisances of those!

Think Carefully

So what do you do if you walk into a property and discover a 50’s kitchen or a 70’s bathroom? Well, if you are searching for a property to live in and you love the retro look then you can work with the period features to create the house of your dreams. On the other hand, if you hate the fittings or are purchasing the property as an investment then they will clearly have to go. Something neutral and current is the safest bet if you are looking to resell or rent your property.

But think carefully before you let rip with your pick axe, unless it is an 80’s bathroom in which case smash it to pieces.


Cashing In

Many people simply adore retro interiors and are on the lookout for furnishings and fittings. A 50’s kitchen with steel units or a 70’s bathroom, even if it is yellow, could have a significant value. So before you smash them up and order the skip, think carefully. You could make money out of your vintage finds if you remove them carefully and list them on eBay. Your profits will provide you with some extra cash for your renovations.

Retro may not be your thing. It almost certainly isn’t the right look to maximise your profits but that old kitchen and tired bathroom could be genuine treasures.