Many investors would rather benefit from a more immediate return than that offered by rental income. Many properties can be purchased and then sold at a higher value within months or even weeks. Some because they have been purchased at a favourable price others because property values have risen quickly. Most because they have been extended or renovated and then returned to the market. Developments can also include the purchase of land which is then built on, and once complete can either be sold for a profit, refinanced to release equity or rented out for monthly income.


You can invest in properties for resale using your cash reserves, by taking out a mortgage on the property concerned or by re-mortgaging a property you already own. You should be aware that you may require a significant deposit to gain a mortgage on a property which requires renovation. For land purchase and build development investments using cash reserves is the usual option although some land mortgages are available. Another option may be a bridging loan, contact Modus for more information.

Property values can fall as well as rise but over the longer term a property is likely to be worth more than it is today.

At Modus, our experts identify the best developments for investment in our targeted areas. We are often able to secure properties at favourable prices before they reach the open market. It is sometimes possible to return a property to the market immediately without undertaking any improvements.

The majority of properties will require an extension or renovation in order to maximise your returns. It can be beneficial to convert some houses into apartments. We have reliable teams in place who can carry out any work which is required, including contractors capable of building multi-million pound construction projects on recently acquired land.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the property market in each area. We know which type of properties are in the highest demand and how they should be presented to optimise your returns. We will work with you to evolve the best development strategy for you whether this is a Buy, Refurb, Rent or Land Purchase and Build project.


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