Why Invest in
UK Property?

The UK property market delivers excellent investment opportunities which can help you to build a secure financial future.

Open to All and Stable

The UK is a politically and economically stable country. The UK is a major international economic centre and a member of both the G8 and NATO. It is a safe and solid country in which to invest and one with exceptional international transport links.

The real estate market in the UK is also historically stable. Research has demonstrated that UK property values have outperformed most forms of investment over the long term. The UK does not restrict access to investment in residential or commercial property. The market is, therefore, open to any individual or corporate entity whether from the UK or overseas.

Population Growth

The population of the UK is growing at an unprecedented rate and this trend looks set to continue. Experts suggest that the population of the UK will grow by a further 10 million over the next 25 years. To put that rate into perspective, it will be equivalent to adding the entire city of Bristol every year.

The UK is now the most crowded of all the major European nations and has a population density four times that of France. The demand for housing continues to rise, placing immense pressure on housing stocks. This situation has been exacerbated by the increasing trend for single person households. These now account for 20% of all households in the UK. The rate at which new properties are being built is falling short of what is required to keep pace with population growth.

All of this is bad news for those seeking affordable housing but very good news for investors. The demand for rental properties has doubled in recent years and shows no signs of abating. At the same time, the overall demand for housing is likely to ensure that property prices in many regions will continue to remain stable or to rise.

Tax & Infrastructure

Despite the recent changes to the UK tax laws, UK Property continues to represent a sound investment choice. Unlike many European countries, the UK has no track record of instituting retrospective legislation to increase the tax burden.

Many key regions and cities remain attractive locations for investment. These benefit from excellent transport links and the rail network continues to be updated. These developments can only enhance the potential for investment.


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